White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Sleeping Angels

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Sleeping Angels

Yesterday was a rather hectic day, and most of the activity took place AFTER work hours. I've been looking to 'upgrade' my life insurance for some time now. It's hard to do so when your medical history is as spotty as mine is. In any event, I've found a new place that seems to be a bit more rational about the coverage. I do not need to perish in a volcano for the policy to pay off and the amount is significantly higher. The medical tech. was supposed to stop by at 1700 and do what she needed to do. Draw blood, take measurements, etc. She was running late which complicated things. If she was going to be 15 minutes late, that means I had to pick up the kids early. Of course, since I had to leave the manor to pick up the kids, I would be late for her 1715 arrival. Crud. The whole visit took 45 minutes, but probably could have been shorter if things were not so fouled up. The kids were actually pretty friendly towards the woman and Alexis proved to me that she is only wary of strange men (or giant costume characters). The dogs were howling, kids running about grabbing things, security alarm going off. Mass hysteria. Chaos. My life ... perfect. So she took some measurements and the data I provided was right on. 5'11+, 205lb, 34 waist. Well, mostly 34, I did suck in my gut a bit. Ok ... A LOT. Bite me. Anyways, the interesting part was when it became time to draw blood. Just as we were starting to prep, the Mrs came home. The second she walked in the door, the kids went nuts and the hounds started in on a refreshed tirade of howls and barks. So here I am, about to get my blood drawn and the kids are climbing all over me like they are some sherpa team scaling the north side of Everest. I managed to get the attention of the Mrs and she herded them into the other room ... where they promptly escaped and went for a renewed frontal attack. The second time, the Mrs stayed in the other room with the little Houdini imitators and we were able to get the 2.75 gallons of precious bodily fluid needed for 'testing'. I thing they intend on cloning me actually. But that is just an unconfirmed rumor.

Later on, after the technician had left, Alexis and Jacob were inspecting my new heart plug (bad dune humor), and asked me about the owchie. Yes, it is a bandaid, please don't touch or it will hurt. Alexis then quipped that the needle bit me! Now where did that come from? The Mrs and I quickly covered our bases and noted that yes, the needle did bit me but it was good because I needed to get the 'shot' so I would not get sick. You know, their booster shots are coming up in a year or so and we need to condition them to the idea that needles are yucky, but not necessarily evil. Ok, yeah, needles ARE evil (I despise them) but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

The evening was interesting right around bed time. We tried to get the kids to bed before 2100 so I could watch the SCOTUS announcement ... to no avail. Jake and Alexis were not ready to go to bed quite yet and Jake was not satisfied to have mommy sleeping next to him. No, it had to be daddy laying on the sofa next to his bed. So I laid there for about 30 minutes. He would reach out every so often to make sure I had not slipped away and then his eyes would slooowly close. With a sudden crash, Alexis would toss something from her bed to let me know that she was still there and this would wake up Jake who would HAVE to go investigate as well. Heh. Once they both closed their eyes, the light from the musical nightlight was cast across their faces and presented the visual unparalleled in my mind. It was the incarnate representation of what makes parenting so worth while. They are a fine art crafted truly from the blood, seat and tears (with copious helpings of laughter) poured out from the Mrs and I in our various labors. Yes, certainly sleeping angels.

The Mrs and I were up at 0530 ... 0600 and 0630. Yeah, we slept in a bit. The kids appreciated this and woke on their own. This is a serendipitous benefit in so much that Alexis woke in a GOOD mood since she was in control of her waking time. Got going and pounded my way through traffic. Today, I kept my wits about me and STAYED in the right hand lane. The temptation is so great to barge into the faster lanes, but that quick moving traffic soon comes to a frustrating halt and I always end up asking myself why in the world did I do that!? In the end, I got to work on time (0815) and found myself alone. My co-workers would not arrive for another hour or so. I was alone with my thoughts and the sounds of bad music from the fitness center next door. If I hear one more bubble-gum pop-culture hit of the day I swear I'm going to bring in an electromagnet and subdue those speakers once and for all.


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