White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Regressed

Tuesday, July 12, 2005



Back on track. Yesterday afternoon was a blessing. I was actually pretty well frazzled for a Monday. I had five different projects come to a head at the same time. I can multi-task, but being witty, creative and poignant at the same time can be a stretch. I ended up being curmudgeonly, befuddled and derisive. Eh, I guess that suits me as well.

After I picked up the kids (Boy, were they glad to see me!), we went and played on the twin-towers. I'd love to spend some time to finish up the last few yards of blocks, but I was not in the mood to sweat last night. It was hot and humid enough to make me break a sweat on my brow just thinking about moving blocks. It'll have to wait till the weekend when I have the bandwidth. For the most part, I spent my time playing 'road-block' in the back yard trying to keep the kids from stepping in some of the sloppy puddles of excrement that the Mammoth Hounds had left. They need to dry out a bit before I can remove them ... bletch. The Mrs had arrived at 1800 and we spent some time sitting outside and watching the kids. If it was cooler, I would have cuddled up and held her. In this muggy environ, that would be like snuggling up to a steaming hot wool sweater. Bletch. After some time, we tricked the kids into leaving the play-area so we could wash up and get ready for dinner. A real family dinner where the Mrs and I are not pressing our noses against a CRT or tapping away at the keyboard. I'm going to implore that the Mrs keeps the table clear so we can get the little ones used to an hour of the whole family eating and talking every night ... together.

When 2000 hours rolled around, we tried to get the kids to bathe and go to bed but was met with stiff opposition. They are not quite to the point where they are ready to accept that the birthday week celebration is over. After the bath, they insisted that it was a necessary component of bedtime for them to read a half dozen books. Even then, Jake needed someone to lay beside him or he would wail out for 'Mommmmeeeee, Dadddeeeeee' till one of us came in and consoled him. He was up till 2200 when I eventually heard his light breathing slow and lapse into a regular pattern of faint snores.

One parting item of note. I taught the kids a new trick. When someone tells them something is hot (the sun, food, stove, anything...), you take your finger and touch your butt and say 'SSssssss'! Yep, the Mrs nearly sprayed her soda when she saw that little display. The kids love it and the Mrs proclaimed that I'll be spending a lot of time explaining things to their future school principal. Heh, I'm counting the days.


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