White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Nukes in your back yard

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Nukes in your back yard

So I'm doing my usual blog-hopping and I start to see things like this:Excuse me? So I am to believe that our mortal enemies have latched on to 20 nukes which may have been lugged into the US via the Canadian or Mexican borders. Or even brought ashore in the capable hands of drug runners or unprincipled importers? I'm certainly hoping that this is the stuff of fear-mongering. Of think-tanks grinding through possible scenarios that need to be planned for by our Homeland Security and civil defense corps. If you see one anomaly like this, you dismiss it. Two, and its plausible. Here is the second via here:Okay ... I'm thinking that if we DID have Russian Nukes here in the US, we would have been able to pay our 'Allies' much greater sums of money at significantly less risk to reveal them. Saying that:Crap. Now that I have joined the ranks of the fear-mongers, here is an interesting little clip.


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