White Lightning Axiom: Redux: not soo smooth

Thursday, June 30, 2005


not soo smooth

The software roll out went pretty poorly yesterday. The SA was late coming in, the engineer responsible for the other part did not write the release notes, nothing worked right. All the groups here work in silos where one group has no insight or understanding of what the next group does or knows. Frustrating if you have to work across the domain of several of these fiefdoms. To top it all off, one of the components could not be deployed till 0400 the next morning. Then I found that my stuff was not going to work due to a surprise requirement created by the customers inability to include a promotion id in a place where I needed it. A quick patch fixed that ... took 15 min to debug, 15 to code, 15 to qa and then seconds to deploy. Still, there was a bug and now I'm going to be the target scapegoat for the whole poorly managed roll out. Fine, blamesultant is the career choice of those with thick-skins.

Since things went so poorly at work, I got going late and had to go directly to pick up the kids and the pizza. Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to put the phone number for the pizza joint in my cell phone under 'Pizza'. I could order it on the way there and it would be ready for pickup when I arrived. They usually can have it ready in 15 minutes so I typically call just as I get off the Turnpike (OF DOOOOOM). This time, the call went out as I hit the turnpike exit, but was quickly thwarted from making my 15 minute hence rendezvous with the pizza and children. Someone on the turnpike commission had the great idea that we should only have 3 exit lanes open and all three will be EZPass or pay-ticket combined. What a disaster! Well, disaster for me in that it tacked on 5-10 minutes to my commute, great for the idiots who don't use EZPass in that they would not actually have to wait as long as if they were in a lane where EVERYONE was going to pay. ARGH. The same thing happened this morning at the KOP exit. The most frustrating thing was that the non-EZPass lanes were empty, but people were still going into the EZPass lanes to pay! ABSURD! What ... how ... why ... ARGH! But I digress (with unmitigated rage). The Mrs had a doctor's appointment last night ... she had a sinus infection and that resulted in her hacking cough. He cough is starting to abate now, but it'll take some time to clear out the damage. Our doctor told her (the same thing I was told) that she needed to get more exercise, lower her blood pressure, increase her HDL and lower her bpm. Heh, right. Between work and home I suppose we could slow the rotation of the earth plus move the orbit out a bit so it takes longer for the year to complete. That way, we could slip in a few extra hours during the day, right? I'll talk to the boys down in research to see if they could attach booster rockets to the north and south poles to get this done over the holiday weekend. Hey, with the extended distance from the sun, I've just solved global warming too! Ain't I nice, I try to take care of the Wife AND the global population mass.


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