White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Mildly interesting

Friday, July 22, 2005


Mildly interesting

Yet another uneventful evening at the Haupertonian Manor & International Empire HQ. The Twin Tyrants of Turpitude were happy to have been rescued in the daily S&R mission. The Pizza Pickup Program went off without a hitch. The kids ate, Daddy fomented, mommy arrived just as we were finishing up. Pretty standard stuff. Right up to the point where Mommy disappeared for a couple minutes and then reappeared with some of the princess costumes that Alexis had received as birthday presents. When my most darling daughter caught sight of them, you would have thought that she had spotted Elvis drinking water from the fountain of youth out of the holy grail. She quickly stuffed the rest of her dinner in her mouth and gesticulated madly that she wanted to go play. I let her charge into the livingroom and focused on Jacob who was playing the delay-game. I mentioned to him that Alexis finished her dinner and got to go play, wouldn't you? He then attempted to stuff all 6 remaining bites of pizza in his mouth at once. After the first two, I knew what he was attempting to do and had to intervene. He would just end up gagging and, well, loosing what little dinner he did eat. We worked together on slooooowly finishing dinner so he could go play.

Later on in the evening, Alexis was beginning to tire after switching between the 3 different Princess outfits and only wanted to snuggle in my lap. That was about the time that Jacob made his move to start trying on some of the outfits. I nodded disapprovingly and only noted to him that he may regret this when he gets older. On queue, the Opportunistic Wife appeared with the camera and started recording his foray into cross dressing. I feel bad for him, because once he brings home his first girl-friend I KNOW that these pictures will be the first one she sees. This all smacks of 'Sins of your Father'.

Got up late this morning, but so did the rest of Philly. There was nearly no traffic on the roads which leads me to believe that either people had gone to work absurdly early so they can leave early in the day to go to the shore ... or they have already left for NJ last night and are 'sick' today. Either way, I was not going to complain much. I did sleep poorly though and now have a sore shoulder muscle to show for it. This will probably only get worse throughout the day and become a major impediment when I mow the lawn this afternoon. One last thing, I finally got around to typing up a letter to a fellow in Iraq who is in Mosul right now. I had all the stuff that I wanted to send to him all boxed up, just getting down to authoring a respectful/somewhat understandable mish-mash of words seems to be impossible for me unless I'm blabbering away about things of little import. Go figure.


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