White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Go figure

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Go figure

I'm baaaaaa-ck! I took off the last two days to be with the kids, wife, brother and grandparents. Since this 7th is the kids 3rd birthday, we've been trucking them all around to experience some things that they have not seen yet. Before we get into that, I'll let off a bit of steam first. This contractor of a consulting company working though a consulting company that maintains ECommerce sites for other companies is starting to get a bit strained. I have to do two time sheets and then print out one of the time sheets so my company has proof that the timesheet that I sent electronically to the middle-man consulting company matches what I just printed out from the same source. Got that? One of these time sheets needs to be done at the end of every week while the other needs to be done at the end of the week AND at the end of the month. Last week, the 1st required me to do 2 time sheets for my company, 1 for the client and then another 2 print outs that I return to my company for the middle man company. I'm amazed that I even get paid!

Now for an abbreviated happy-happy family interlude. The grandparent made it to the manor on Friday night and the kids nearly popped a frontal lobe when they saw them. It does the heart good to see that the little ones are so endeared with the grandparents. They were going full tilt the whole evening till it was time to put them to bed. That was rough. I think they were afraid that if they went to sleep, the holy grail of fun grams and gramps would be missing when they woke. Saturday was the usual Swim-Perkins-Shopping thing. It was hotter than what would be considered comfortable so I skipped mowing the lawn yet again. Later on, Big Little Brother shows up and now we have the complete Haupertonian Set. Sunday ... Church, Mow the lawn, Harvest HorseRaddish. All good. Not so good: Delivering a refrigerator to Chinatown NYC for Wife's mother. Yes ... driving the Family Tank into the heart of darkness in the middle of the night to haul a refrigerator up 12 flights of stairs only to drag a broken one down the same stairs and back out of NYC ... from Philly. Ugh. The apartment is configured in such a way that the door only opens partially and was blocked by a jerry-rigged book-case. This book case was in 3 parts and had to be disassembled so we could move it and get the old fridge out. It could have been worse ... I did have a migraine at the time but other than that, no 'Towering Inferno' issues or run-away kitchen appliances crushing the inhabitants of the building as they tumble down the stair case. It's a good thing that the Big Little Brother came along or I would have just set the fridge on the front stoop and drove off. We have not heard from the Mrs's mother since so I'm guessing that the fridge is working well. The traffic into the city was a bit congested, but leaving was relatively easy. Except for that lamborghini that was stopped at the light and did not go when it was green. Had to beep my horn at him. Imagine that!

Now for the rest of the week:

  • Monday - Local Parade, Fair, Township Park playground.

  • Tuesday - Go to Sesame Place, roast in the sun till it rains at 1800.

  • Wednesday - I got a haircut (finally), Take the family off to Strasburg to see Steam Engine Trains and then dinner at a local slop-fest buffet.

  • Yeah, I'm too pooped to write about it. Today is the twins actual birthday. They'll be going to Chuck-E-Cheese while I'm here at work. I can't tell you how much I love those two little buggers, no matter how much they try to get under my skin. I'll share some of the photos from this week-long festival of turning three when the Mrs has a moment to upload them from the camera.


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