White Lightning Axiom: Redux: fargin-frackin grrr

Thursday, July 14, 2005


fargin-frackin grrr

Rough day at the client site after 1500 yesterday. I found out that the 11th hour that the input I would be getting from the client would not be an xls spreadsheet, but rather, a tab delimited cvs file. I had to go in and make some rather extensive changes to the feed input routines to handle this. But hey, change is good, right? I ended up staying at work till 1845 and had to set off the 'Honey, could you pick up the kids tonight' alarm before 1600 or we would be in a mighty pickle. Sure, it's done, but I was really looking forward to spending a bit more time with the kids. I'll have to make it up to them tonight.

The Mrs is staying home today to wait for the Verizon phone repair technician to come and look at our dial-tone issue on one of the POTS lines. At the NDT block, there is no tip or ring so I'm guessing that it is shut off at the curb rather than this being an issue with the house wiring. We could only get an appointment via the automated voice activated call center and it was a vague "some time between 0800 and 2000" variety. When the Mrs called this morning (for the 3rd time), we actually got a HUMAN and she set it up so we could expect someone between 1600 and 2000 ... hmmm. Would have been nice if we could have had that the first time.

In other news, I'm thinking about changing my life insurance. I'm currently being extorted for a rather large amount in return for a rather paltry sum of coverage. It always comes down to the MS thing. Sure, I'm healthy as a horse and twice as strong, but they feel the risk is too high. I can see their point, they are not in it to make my the lives of my family better, they are in it for the money. It really clarifies things when the true motives ... the base concepts ... are known and understood. I called a firm that I heard about on a talk radio station and found that they could quadruple my coverage with no increase in the bill. Well, I cannot pass that up, now can I! I have to take a quick medical exam next Wednesday for this (Blood pressure, medical history, etc ...). Same night that the township council meeting is. I'll have to skip that once again. Wanted to get them to put up a speed limit (25) sign on our street and a child-at-play warning. Drivers use the street to avoid traffic on the main road and treat it as an extension of the Autobahn. ... You know, looking back over this chowder-like spew ... it's all quite mundane! Nothing but suburban middle-class cream-of-wheat with dry white toast on the side. I'm turning into a regular Morty Q. Public here. I think I need to drink more scotch to replenish my madness level.


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