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Wednesday, July 20, 2005



Not an entirely eventful evening. The Mrs had a meeting with some folks down in Australia at 1900 so I asked her to just slip on down to the basement command center when she got home so she would not disturb the kids while we were eating dinner. They asked about mommy a few times throughout the meal. Oddly enough, since Mommy was not around for dinner, Jake had no foil to use in order to disturb the meal. Daddy is a hard-ass and doesn't brook any insubordination. After dinner we play for a bit, do a few puzzles, watch some train videos and then head off for a bath at 2000. The Mrs wraps up her phone conference just as I'm finishing up with the bath. This would be nice except that Jake now wants to spend some quality time with the Mrs and insists that she stay with him for a while so he can tell her his daily tribulations before he falls asleep. This is mostly about Moi-Moi, circles and his bo-boos. The Mrs escapes after 15 minutes so she can go have some dinner (BBQ chicken thighs that I made for her earlier in the week - Country Sweet Style). She is shortly followed by Jake. I was in the hallway when he opened the door so he latched on to my hand and drug me inside so he had someone new to regale with his tales of the daily grind. Circles, Moi-Moi and bo-boos. He finally dozed off thirty minutes later and I slunk out of the room to spend some (poor) quality time with the television.

Flash forward to 0630 ... Jake is awake and busily harassing his sister so she will get out of bed and play. It's not working but the ruckus has prompted me to slide out from under the sheets and invite them into our bed. The Mrs lounges with them for a spell while I tend to the dogs and busy myself with packing up their lunches for the day. The morning air was cool, but still laden with excessive moisture. This will heat up nicely today as we are supposed to be in the 90's again. Time to start thinking about that cruise to Alaska or Nova Scotia.


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