White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Broken Back

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Broken Back

It's nice to have very little to complicate your life sometimes. The whole FamilyTank fiasco yesterday was a real inconvenience. In the end, we paid 350$ in labor charges and 150$ in parts to have a tire fixed and the rear break pads replaced. I'm not entirely convinced that I paid a fair price for this work. No, I think I'll be taking the van to Chris, our regular mechanic next time. Since the tire puncture was not covered by any tire warranty, I did not get one cent of a break in the cost. Stinking GM ... no wonder they are going broke.

This morning had a mixed bag of delights for me. It was much cooler and significantly less humid this morning. In fact, it was warmer and a lot more stuffy inside the Manor than outside. I've indicated to the Mrs that I intend on taking advantage of this advantageous turn of events and work on the retaining wall around the sand pit tonight. It would be nice to get that task off my list and then I could liberate the uncompensated workers! The downside is that since the weather was nice, everyone else in the area slept well and got up bright and early. Thus, the turnpike was a disaster. There was an accident in the east-bound lanes between my exit and the next one. This would normally not cause me any angst but the looky-lou rubber-neckers managed to create an accident in the west-bound lanes as well and cost me 30 minutes of my life. Stay in the right lane ... stay in the right lane ... repeat ...


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