White Lightning Axiom: Redux: at last ... it's done

Friday, July 15, 2005


at last ... it's done

The big even over the last 24 hours is not something that I thought would be terribly interesting to write about. No, not that we got the POTS line fixed at 1630 ... boy was the Mrs pissed about that. Stayed home all day so they could arrive after 1600. Only took 'em 15 minutes to figure out that they had erroneously disconnected it. Run out to the distribution box and reconnected it, like I told them. And no, not that it was pizza day or that the kids had found a present that they already had. Duplicate present ... we had put the original away so brought it out instead of opening the new present. Great fun was had. Not that Jake and Alexis are calling me 'Too Big' or 'Too Fat' to play in the tunnels of said toy. The Mrs must have taught them that. Revenge is sweet my dear. No, this event is noteworthy in so much that it is another step towards easing our financial situation and promoting developmental growth ... in our son. He was gorging himself on peas and pizza last night when he suddenly started to become distracted. He stopped eating and was mumbling something that required me to get up and close in to decipher what he was trying to say. After a bit of probing and attempted translations, I bluntly asked if he had to go potty. He said "Yes!". I then asked if he had already filled his diaper as I could faintly smell the aroma once I had gotten close enough. I assumed that he was uncomfortable and wanted a change. He said "Nooo.". Now I am not one to presume the worst of people, but I know my kids and they are class A liar when it comes to bodily functions. Of all varieties. So I'm guessing that I have a diaper change to engage in but want to condition Jacob to try to use the potty. So onward poopie soldiers march ... up the stairs and into the kids bathroom where their kiddie-potties are placed. I slowly and carefully assist Jacob with his pull-up diaper and ... well, no poop! I guess he was prepping for the show by letting out an artillery burst before delivering the pay-load. It may not amount to anything, but I ask Jake to do his best to use the potty now that we are here. I dash off for a moment to take care of something in the next room and return quickly as possible. As I assumed, Jake did not stay seated and was waddling around the bathroom with his trousers about his knees. I thought he had only go pee so I went over to extract the catch basin so he could wave bye-bye to his 'product' only to find the biggest piece of lumber I had ever seen. Given that it was in a micro-toilet, it looked like it could have been a world title contender. Well, I immediately shouted for the Mrs to come on up and congratulate Jake on his successful attempt on keeping his diaper clean. It was a proud day for all of us. Is it mundane to celebrate your son taking a dump?


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