White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Turnpike strikes back.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Turnpike strikes back.

Daddy Powered Hybrid Engine
The kids were great last night. I hauled them around the block in their wagon after they had spent a good 30 or so minutes playing with the tricycle and big wheel. They seem to have a little problem getting it going, but after they overcome the initial force of resistance, the zip off like a greased pig on a Teflon slide. The wagon ride did not last that long. Just to the end of the block and back. By the time I got home, I was sweating pretty heavily and starting to overheat. I would have liked to let the Mrs pull them for a bit, but the kids would have none of that nonsense. Daddy does the heavy lifting, Mommy does the finesse. Not even 3 years old and my kids are already sexist!

After an extended dinner complete with a generous helping of 'Eat your dinner or no desert!', we retired to the living room and attempted to stay awake while we interacted with the kids as they dove into their activity books. Math. They got the numbers down, now we just need to work on the concept that numbers MEAN something. Interesting observation: the kids seem to enjoy the 1$ books and flash cards more than most of the significantly more expensive toys they have. Well, except for the twin towers, wagon and tricycles. The kids enjoy outside activities more so than I in this weather. It is supposed to get up to the low 90's today. Lower humidity, but ghaaa! I can see the brick-oven apartments in Philly starting to heat up and cook their occupants already.

The Mrs and I slept so much better last night. Her hacking cough is starting to ameliorate, but I insisted that make an appointment to see our family doctor. Allergy pharma would probably help her greatly to get through this rough spot. She is exhausted from being up all night coughing and I'm exhausted from listening to her. Since she slept better last night, so did I. Over slept in fact, for about 10 minutes. It felt good, but I paid a price for that. There was an accident on the turnpike at 0700. If I had gotten on the road by 0645, I would have got past it before it occurred. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. In any event, I heard about it on the radio at 0712 just before I was at a critical juncture. I went straight instead of making my usual turn and spent 15 extra minutes hunting down an on-ramp that was beyond the accident scene. Sure, it cost me about 10-15 minutes, but I think it saved me 30-45 minutes. They had shut down all the west bound lanes so that they could clear the rubble and burning debris. That part of the turnpike is one of the most congested and dangerous stretches ... and no one knows why. In any event, I made it to work in 45 minutes (sweet), just before the ambient regional temperature hit 81 degrees. I checked again and the record high for today was 96 back in 1957. It's going to be a grueling summer.


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