White Lightning Axiom: Redux: The travesty of Tuesday

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


The travesty of Tuesday

My old co-worker Doug has left the client and the Firm. Now, we have a less older co-worker replacing him. Out with the old, in with the old. The replacement, Mr Rockstar, was here before but got out on parole. Parole revoked, immediate incarceration recommended and acted upon. Poor guy. Speaking of poor guys, someone at the client site figured out that I work there and dumped several garbage projects on my plate. Very little coding or design, lots of testing and haggling with other fractious departments for resources and 'permission'. I KNOW that they will all come to a head by the end of the week when certain critical things need to happen. Should be interesting. Yeah, interesting as in 'Oh, the pattern of pustules from your smallpox infection are leaving an interesting scar pattern'.

Back in my retreat world of home, hearth and family, I was treated to a new development with Jacob. We were playing in the sweltering heat and humidity for a bit until the Mrs arrived at home. With the fickle attention of the twins focusing on the Attentive Wife, I strode over to the agricultural Sector and started inspecting the 4 rows of snow peas. It looked like someone had snuck into the garden and inflated all the pea-pods last night with a bicycle pump. I plucked a few from the closest row and cracked one open. Just then, Alexis (Pea Monger) noticed my actions and insisted that she be allowed to eat some. Far be it for me to deny my kids a natural, healthy and pesticide free snack. She she usually eats the inside and I feed the outside to the dogs or myself, depending on the state of mastication she leaves the husks in. Well, Jacob saw the delight on his sister's face and could not be left out of the activity. Mostly, he just wanted to feed pea-pods to the Hounds. We let him know that he needs to eat the insides first before turning the 'refuse' over to the slavering canines. He was rather enthused about the whole activity and would follow me down the rows until I gave him a pod or two. He would then run back to the Mrs and get her to open it up and help him eat all the peas out. It was an activity that required the whole family to participate: I would search and retrieve, the kids would transport and consume the payload, the Mrs would do an intermediate processing and mediation step and the dogs would do the refuse disposal. So the good news it that we have a pair of enthusiastic pea-eaters on our hands. Today peas, tomorrow brussel sprouts!


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