White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Sporadic work flurries

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Sporadic work flurries

Monday evening and Tuesday proper were fairly mundane. The trip back to the Manor on Monday evening was a drag. Since it was raining all day, the mood was eloquently morose and the other commuters on the turnpike had dampened attitudes about getting their collective acts together. One lucky break, the weather cleared for just long enough that the Mrs and I could pick up the kids without getting soaked to the bone. Standard Philly weather too. It's hot, it rains, then it gets hotter with the added bonus of 101% humidity. Niiiice, if you like having your clothing cling to your body even AFTER you take it off. That, and toilet paper ... ghaa, let's not go there right now. Of course we need the rain. The trees and greenery around here are still recovering from that drought we had a few years back. I just wish it would stay in the ground instead of clinging to the air like some sort of crack-addict clutching at it's last methadone treatment for the week.

Jake has been a stinker of late. He refuses to go to sleep at night and then refuses to get up in the morning. Damn, I wish I was a 3 year old again. He just lays there on his bed till I drag him into the temporary master suite and prop him up in front of the TV with the Disney Channel going. He doesn't resist in the morning like his sister, who fights the idea of going to school tooth and nail. He's a slug at this hour, gets it from the Mrs.

Work has heated up recently. With all the overhead from ill prepared processes, how events are supposed to transpire is becoming quite obfuscated. I spend my days standing on peoples heads or waiting for external clients to respond (vaguely) to information requests. Ahhh, American Business practices at their best!

I picked peas last night. One gallon of pods yields about 1/2 quart of peas. The kids LOVED husking the peas and throwing the husks to the dogs. Some of the peas never made it to the collection container, which does not concern me much. In fact, if the kids want to snack on peas, that is just fine by me. Of course, after a while the dogs got a bit tired of eating coarse, fibrous pea pods and just let them pile up. The kids just kept dumping them at the gate though. A bit of a mess to clean up, but I'm not going to take the chance that if I admonish the kids, they won't like peas anymore.

On the financial front; Quicken Loans ROCKS!!! They took the perogative to call me when it made sense to refinance. Going from a 6.275 to a 5.625 will pay for itself in 20 months. After that, I can apply the savings to the mortgage principle in addition to the other surpluses I've been rolling in. Yes, yes ... its restarting a 30 year mortgage, but having lower payments is a security blanket and it will give the Mrs and I some breathing room in our budget. Now we could have certainly gone with a low rate ARM or a 15 year, but I really don't mind carrying around this particular debt, it is low enough now so that if we had to sell the Manor, we would make a pretty tidy profit ... not that we are going to be moving any time soon. Probably not for another 20 years actually. If we can help it. Of course, if somebody wants to have our land seized so they can build a nudie bar or an abortion clinic ... not much we can do about that except get elected to the local township governing board and work from the inside. Hmmmm.


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