White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Seven Day Itch

Thursday, June 30, 2005


Seven Day Itch

It rained, and got warm, then rained again, and got warmer ... YETCH!. It is supposed to be in the 90's here today in the Jungles of arboreal Pennsyltucky. Sweltering heat and 102% humidity. Just what the Dr ordered. If the winters were not so dastardly, I swear I'd strong-arm the Mrs into agreeing on moving to Nova Scotia.

Oh, and since it was raining out, Thor refused to go outside. He would go out for a couple paces, then turn right around and waltz back in. Well, last night he discovered that not going 'potty' outside could be a bit uncomfortable. He found the pressure too great and left me a little gift on the tile floor. Jerk. He knew he was in trouble but I chewed him out anyways. It's my fault too although, I should have stood outside in the rain and compelled him go poop.

Nothing like feeling the hot acid rain trickle across your scalp and down your neck. The slow crawling tickle it bestows to me as it creeps across the inflamed patches of Ivy Blistered skin on my forearms ... ARGH. Damn that ivy. I'm going to have to go visit the local army surplus supply depot and see if they have any agent orange left over. That or napalm. Yeah, burning ivy will just make the oils airborne, but if it's hot enough ....

The software patch rollout is going pretty well this morning. We'll see soon enough if the process is as flawless as I think it is. So many chefs sirring the pot here.


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