White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Rotten Tomatoes

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Rotten Tomatoes

Today is going to be a bugger. I've got several short meetings to attend. It's going to SEVERELY cramp my blogging today. I'll be posting late and probably sub-par.

Update:Here it is:

Lunch was a danger yesterday. I usually chow down on a pint of cherry tomatoes. We got this last batch at BJ's wholesale and I'm starting to think that it was a bad idea. Out of every 3 cherry tomatoes, 2 of them turned out to be a mouth full of putrid rot. An explosion of decay washing over my palate and invading every crevice and nook amongst my taste buds. I tried to vet the less promising looking ones, but alas, my tomato kung-fu skills were not strong enough. Bletch.

Jake had a couple of appointments this afternoon. A dermatologist appt for his eczema at 1700 and a pediatrician appt for his ear at 1740. I had left a bit earlier than normal knowing that if Murphy's law was to be believed, there would be some sort of delay. And sure enough, there was a car-fire on the turnpike right at the Willow Grove exit where I get off. I managed to make it to the first appointment 5 minutes early. Jake is apparently a celebrity at the dermatologists and had a pretty decent rapport with the nurses and doctor. He was great in the waiting room, but as usual, was a twister on atmospheric steroids in the examination room. Anything more than 15 seconds of inactivity is an anathema for him. He was touching every button, knob and switch he could get his hands on while I just chased him about the cavernous room and undid any 'modifications' he implemented. Once the dermatologist arrived, he and Jake had a little one-on-one sparring until Jake plowed his little rock-hard fist into the physicians 'twig-n-berries'. That ended the pugilistic spectacle fairly quickly. Heal thyself, eh?

The second appointment went well too. Jake laid down on my lap and watched a Disney show for a bit till we got into the examination room. Once there, he did the usual 'Turn off the lights' thing. This time, however, I would roar and tickle him till I turned on the lights. The thrill of being unexpectedly tickled in the dark was entirely too delightful for him. Then something shocking happened. Within 5 minutes of the physicians assistant leaving the room, the Pediatrician knocked on the door. I was expecting a good 30-45 minute wait while boxed into the tiny 6 ft by 11 ft interment chamber. In any event, the doctor proclaimed that his chest was clear, but he had the initial stages of an ear infection and that if it did not clear up this time, we should go get his ears fitted for tubes. Urgh. Lets hope that this will be the last of it ... this time.

This morning sucked. Aluminum siding spilled out onto the turnpike right after my interchange ... traffic backed up to France. Police and turnpike officials standing on the side of the road discussing extraction approaches while commuters drive over the stuff at 5mph. Funniest part: The traffic news (KWY) was saying that the owner can come back and claim it if they still want it. Riiiight. Then we would hear of an impromptu lynch mob forming. Talk about trying to incite a riot!

WORK: 3 meetings, 30 minutes each ... all run over to an hour. All three on the 3rd floor, I'm on the first. My ego assails me: "Sure, use the stairs, you out of shape blob of pasty white flesh!". My extended lethargy about exercise and the sedentary job have weakened me. I actually got winded hauling my but up to the meetings. Worst part, the meetings all came to the same conclusion: There is a lot more work here than what we can get done before the drop-dead date even if this was top priority. Great. I knew this was coming and could not do anything to alleviate it. All I can say is that 'This dog wont hunt!'. Someone with authority needs to step up and reign in some of the people making promises that they cannot cover.


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