White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Revulsion

Thursday, June 30, 2005



Toni alerted me of this earlier today. Not something I needed to wake up to of course:

Okay ... first impression I get is that setting bail at $250,000 is probably setting no bail for this scum-bag. Second off, since the girl did not identify Cockerham as the animal, how did the police know to check him? Any bets that he was the mother's boyfriend? Any bets that he told the girl that if she ratted him out that he would kill the mother? No takers, eh? How about a pool on how long it takes this guy to get a taste of his own cruel medicine in jail? Ten years old. What is it? How can you look at a child and see a sexual object?! I just cannot get my head around it. I look at my daughter, at other little girls, and see a treasure that needs to be protected and kept innocent, naive and pure for as long as possible. When you loose your child-hood, it's gone FOREVER. The most blissful days of your life are so few and short, why would you deprive another of that?! For a few minutes of sexual release. My head is exploding. And this poor child is now a mother. AT TEN!


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