White Lightning Axiom: Redux: PGW takeover (privatization) bill in works

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


PGW takeover (privatization) bill in works

A bit late off the ball on this one, but it's been a damn long time coming.

If these folks are so concerned about the ability of the poor, the wretched, the downtrodden to pay their bills, then how about lumping this under the multitude of charity programs (wic, food stamps, welfare, etc ...) that already exist for this sort of social support. Over and over again, we have seen how privatization works if done right and fails horribly if done wrong (Paging Mr Grey Davis...).These two jokers are just waiting for a state bail-out with the expected $500 million revenue surplus this year. Running this as a business and not a feed-bag by scoff-laws suffering from the habitual exploitation of our less civic minded citizenry would go a long ways to reduce costs and improve service.


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