White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Penn Coal == Electricity?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Penn Coal == Electricity?

Hmmm, use coal instead of oil to generate electricity ... novel concept.Apparently though, after years of conglomeration, mergers and downsizing, our railway system will not be robust enough to handle the increased use. Pennsylvania is the abandoned railway capital of the world. We still have a Norfolk Southern line and a Reading RR line that go past the manor.Seems to me that if we convert this to liquid coal at the point of origin, rail shipping might be a bit more effective. A little data point that makes me chuckle, PA has 5 nuclear power plants ... remember 3 mile island? Here are the others:
  • Beaver Valley Duquesne Light co. 17 MI W of McCandless, PA

  • Limerick Philadelphia Electric co. 21 MI NW of Philadelphia, PA

  • Peach Bottom PECO Energy co. 17.9 MI S of Lancaster, PA

  • Susquehanna Pennsylvania Power & Light co. 7 MI NE of Berwick, PA

  • Heh, only second to Illinois with it's 6.


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