White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Hop-scotch

Thursday, June 02, 2005



The days are rolling by fairly quickly now. I suppose having that Monday off is a primer for grinding through the rest of the work-long-week. I got back to the manor at a decent time, enough to take care of some smaller tasks. Standard stuff, laundry, dinner, dogs, evening prep of bath stuff for kids. Then off to conduct the daily S&R mission. When I entered the room that the twins are usually incarcerated in, I only found the Day Care Professional of the week. The staff rotates so quickly here, it's become my habit to not bother with the names, just their superficial descriptions. The Mrs becomes quite flustered with me when I demand that she details some key physical attributes about a these transient employees when she speaks of them. Fat, short, blond, busty, tattoo? It's almost like a rap-sheet. In any event, this particular 'Tender of my most precious treasures' has been around for an unusually long time. I actually say more than 2 or 3 words to her. Of course, it's all standard small talk.

And then I bolt out of the room to go find the kids on the play ground. She seems like a really nice young woman, I wonder why she has chosen this as a career. It's a tough job manipulating and forming the minds of other peoples little three year old monsters. I'll have to work that into our next 30 second conversation.

Flash forward to after dinner and a special treat of a marshmallow for desert. Mommy is reading activity books with the kids while I slack off and read a few blogs on the next couch. They have oddly left me alone and are climbing all over the Mrs. I supposed I should make it up to her tomorrow and let them use me as a spring board for their hyper-inquisitive minds. Probably break out some puzzles and the leap-pad learning books. Maybe draw some letters. Counting is becoming old hat ever since they learned to count to 12 in English, Cantonese, German and Spanish. Yeah, proud daddy moment there. Definitely time to do the alphabet and word sounds. Flash cards, well, they have become fairly useless since the kids memorized the things and shout them out before I even show the card. Perhaps shuffling the deck would help.

Morning ... graciously standard. Both traffic-wise and child-wise. Kids want to sleep more, stay at home, be held. Traffic wants my spleen on a platter but I escape it's gnarly grasp. One little thing ... the Super Saturn is acting up. If I signal right, I get the normal clickity-clack, clickity-clack. If I signal left, it get a rapid tick-tick-tick-tick. I've probably burnt out a signal bulb, this has happened before. I'm not sure if I want to spend the time looking for a replacement bulb, or schedule some time at my mechanic's place. Time is so short that either option is less than optimal. I'll probably end up buying and changing the bulb this weekend. I'm hoping my luck holds out and the task is a marginal inconvenience.


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