White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Home Alone

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Home Alone

Yet another bit of disturbing news with a happy ending. A truancy officer was making her rounds in Camden, NJ when she noticed something amiss. Apparently, a toddler (less than 2 years old) left in house alone with no AC or electric. The poor abandoned treasure was crying out for her mother and wandering about the row home. The only reason the Officer spotted the child was because she was peering out of a broken mail slot. Dirty and dehydrated, mother has not been found. So far, we have had only one heat related death here in Philly, this could have been the second. They extracted the child and brought her in for observation at a local hospital. Seems to me that someone deserves a raise and a bonus for going beyond the call of duty. Someone else needs a little responsibility counseling.


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