White Lightning Axiom: Redux: First it was potholes, now this!

Thursday, June 16, 2005


First it was potholes, now this!

As I'm rocketing down the turnpike going eastbound towards my home and hearth, I have noticed something new since Monday. Near the 309 Ft Washington exit, there is a little 'ramp' across the road. At first, it was a little nudge. The next day it was a bump. Yesterday, I nearly 'caught air'. Today, I'm expecting to attain low earth orbit. What is this? What is causing it? Well, it looks like this interesting environmental artifact is making it's presence known all over Pennsyltucky:Swell, (no pun intended). I just cant wait till the emergency repair begins. Anyone remember the great I95 tire-fire of March 1996? Not that I'm expecting the Turnpike to be fried to a bubbling mozzarella consistency, but with all the recent problems on our regional arteries of late, I am once again concerned about gun-play on the road-way.


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