White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Evil creeps through the world

Friday, June 03, 2005


Evil creeps through the world

It seems that the latest Evil (yes,with a capital E) has left its mark in Austria.

Perhaps the children (not lumps of cells, children) were doomed to have a painful life due to genetic failings? The Groningen protocol would condone it, right? Oh, wait, that was Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Not God-faring Austria. But wait ... why did the babies die?I'm certain that the father would be distraught knowing that a handful of his scion have perished!Oh, I am convinced! Jeeze honey, that diet you went on where you scream and moan for hours really works! It looks like you lost 20 pounds in a day! Only rats kill their own children, and only when they are going to starve to death. Ever hear of adoption ... lots of people would love to have a healthy baby boy or girl to love. Evil, nothing less.


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