White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Catching up

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Catching up

I'm going to lump the last two days into one post ... I'm really lax about posting when I'm not chained to the desk. This is why it would not be a feasible choice for me to work from home ... no billable work would ever get done. Tuesday was a tough morning. The Mrs and I tumbled out of bed late. She was in a pretty rough spot and needed some extra time under a hot shower. Traffic was low volume, but slow moving anyways. The Post Holiday Blues can make for a fairly morose trek into work. The whole melancholy day even transferred to the kids. I packed the Monday lunch for them instead of PB&J. At least my lunch of Seafood etouffee could not be fouled. Well, according to me. Apparently the pungent aroma of the dish created a plume of odor that my coworkers could not help but comment on. Hey, it's seafood, what do you expect! In other news, I missed my 1 year blogging anniversary. Since I missed a month while on vacation, I don't feel like it's been a real year. Hey, let's wrap up today's events too. I could talk about the messy traffic with accidents. Or there is the 2 NY Strip steaks with a bonus Cowboy Ribeye that I ate for lunch. Or how Alexis was in a very intemperate funk and was a general pain. And there is the topic of how clingy Jacob was. No ... I'll have to cook up something new to post. Some amusing insight or razor sharp quip. You know, it is Wednesday. Perhaps that is the malady affecting me ... dragging my mood through the oil slick puddles of dolor and melancholia. Beh, I need a soda.


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