White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Bump again

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Bump again

Okay, I snapped. I'm over my limit. I've had enough. I'm hot as hell and I'm not going to take it any more! As I strode up the stairs in the manor, the heat weighed down on my like lead weights shoved in the gullet of the dead as they are tossed to the sea. The soggy air was my boiling sea. I glanced at the thermostat as sweat started to bead on my brow. The exertion of walking was causing me to sweat! Gawd ... the read-out said 87 and I knew that it would be over 90 upstairs. No, this is absurd. I pulled my hesitant feet from the virtual mud that was holding them in place and made my way to the AC unit on the North Side of the manor. Time to take the cover up and 'fire' this energy hog up. I was really hoping to wait till July before I started the artificial cooling. It's so damn expensive. I'm not sure how the original settlers tolerated this with their woolen cocoons and stone houses ... I suppose they did not layer their roofs with black solar absorption shingles. It's going to be a long and expensive summer.

The kids were good, the dogs were good, no surprises tonight. The Mrs and I were suffering from severe sleep deprivation and I hit the sack at 1000 hours. The Exhausted Mrs came in shortly thereafter. Even though we had the fan going and the AC pumping in arctic air, the room was still significantly warmer than what our comfort zone would dictate. This resulted in yet another night of tossing, turning, heat prickles and sporadic bathroom visits. Perhaps it will be better tonight. Once again, we both got up early and I got on the road well before 0700. Traffic was like the Mississippi in a flood stage. Detritus everywhere and excess volumes in the most peculiar places. I guess everyone else is having a tough time sleeping as well.


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