White Lightning Axiom: Redux: yesh

Tuesday, May 24, 2005



Crud. I left the car lights on ... again. I knew something was amiss when I was walking (gimping) out to the Super Saturn and the keyless alarm/entry remote was not evoking much of a response as I approached. Every few steps I took I would frantically push the disarm button and gain no satisfaction. No blinking lights or mechanical clank of the locks disengaging. Perhaps the remote went dead. No, I leaned over and found that the door was securely locked. I've been having some minor electrical system failures of late, perhaps this is the beginning of the end for the Super Saturn. Four years too early, mind you. We still owe a significant amount on that Gas Guzzling Family Tank Minivan. So I actually have to use a key to open the door. Hmmm, magic! So the key goes into the ignition and ... nothing. Not even the grating staccato of clicks from a low battery. It is deader than Vanilla Ice's career. I notice that I had left the light switch on and moan audibly. You know, I have my car facing the building and you would think someone would have mentioned something to the receptionist ... who would have sent out an email ... to everyone but the consultants ... of which I am one of. Crud.

I scuttle back into the building and beg my fellow consultants for a jump. I have left my jump-pack at home as usual. I only have the damn thing when I don't need it. It is good for power outages ... we can run the TV off it for a bit to keep the kids calm. Back to the car though. I got the jrPM to come out and lend me a few amps. When she pulled up, I saw she had a tiny little Japanese import ... a hyundi or something. The batter was about the size of my wallet. There was no way that with the alternator going full blast would she have enough juice to boot-strap my 9K Megawatt fusion generator. We gave it a pop and could only get a few measly grinding clicks out. At least the incessant dinging of the 'key in ignition' alert worked. <sigh> We returned to beseech another fellow blamesultant with an American car that had enough emp to turn over a pacemaker. The most junior of our troupe had such a vehicle and with a few revs, I was on my way to the Local Home Depot Temple to pick up more blocks on the way to the manor. I need to check my lights before leaving the car from now on.

The evening and following morning were not of any particularly interesting variation of Jake being a jester and Alexis being willful. They were a bit exhausted and did go right to sleep, which is always nice. Having to sit up in the master suite and wait for the eventual escape attempt by Jake can put a dent in the evenings activities. The following morning brought rain and that can only bode poorly for the inbound commute.


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