White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Slate grey skies

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Slate grey skies

Ahhhh, a dull day just in time. The planets aligned and the stars were in synch. I got to work early yesterday as the clouds slowly formed and left little droplets of water on the windshield. Alas, not enough precipitation descended to comprise a drop big enough to name 'Sebastian'. Since I arrived at the client site early, I likewise departed early and stopped off at the Home Depot Temple near the Valley Forge interchange at the KOP Mall. A little bit of this, some of that, and volia! Over 100$ in purchases. I did pick up 8 retaining wall blocks as well. Just to see how much I will need to finish this weekend. When I transported the booty back to the Manor and unloaded them, I figured that I would need 12 more (in addition to the 8 I just bought) to reach all the way across from the where I stopped this weekend to the corner. Then multiply by 4.5 to get the total. ACK! 90 more blocks just to finish the West wall! Oh boy, If I don't buy all these before the parental units come down for Memorial day weekend, I'll have to insist that Hero Dad bring his truck so we can buy another pallet full. If the weather holds out, I can certainly pick up 10-12 a day. Hmmm, that's only 48. Barely over half of what I need. And then there is the 3 South walls ... well, 2. We are mostly finished with the 1st part and have the more difficult parts 2 and 3. Some day, this will be finished and the kids will nod at my efforts as they head off to college. The grey clouds will descend and gently wash away the blood, sweat and tears that have fallen on the cracked soil that has been the unwitting foe to my efforts. Then again, I may finish this next month and do a little happy dance too.


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