White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Real Last day

Sunday, January 02, 2005


Real Last day

I intentionally made this last day a most restful time as possible. Jake and I went off to church while the ladies went off shopping. Church was fine. Jake and I wrestled pretty much the whole time except for when he got to put the donation envelopes in the basket, he lives for that. He also likes submerging his hand in the holy water and dabbing his chest repeatedly in an attempt to facsimilate the sign of the cross. He tries so hard and I really cant blame him for being so uppity at 1000 in the morning. It's an hour long mass, how could I expect him to sit still for the whole thing! After church services, we head of to Lowes to do some shopping. Even though there are sufficient HP spots up front, I take a slot among the masses since I am feeling chipper today. Must be full of the spirit or something. In any event, we ended up only buying a replacement ash shovel and looking at some other stuff. Hardwood flooring and a new refrigerator are on the list of potential 'projects' so that is where we spent most of our time. The various prices for refrigerators is really quite shocking. The ones I really find aesthetically pleasing (stainless steel with icemaker) are a 2-4 thousand. Plain Jane white are easily under 800. Damn, might have to go down to Delaware to the scratch-n-dent in Christiania. Now that we have the minivan, this is a lot more reasonable approach. The down side is that I cannot take the kids with since I will need to remove the seats. We need to buy a smaller refrigerator for The Mrs's Mother in NYC as well. Some difficulties with this include getting it INTO Chinatown and lugging it up several flights of stairs, getting the new one through the door and the old one out. I'm going to wait a bit before we buy any major appliances. We cash out and head back to the manor. The only other thing of note is that we stopped at Burger King for some fries. The noteworthy thing here is the new marketing concept they are using. The well-paid and highly respected food service staff now toss a bunch of fries in the bottom of your bag when you order fries. The outside of the bag has instructions on what to do with these 'Bagglers'. Apparently, it is geared towards tweens and teens that he who holds the bag, gets the extra fries. It's a fairly amusing idea. Here are some of the instructions:

"Some fries are mavericks. Free spirits that slip over the cardboard wall and make straight for the bottom of the bag, where they can then plan their next move. We call these spud separatists Bagglers, and they're especially delicious. Maybe it's because they're a little out of bounds. Life can be weird like that."

French fries that have attempted to escape from their containers only to strand themselves in the bottom of the bag are called "bagglers". Bagglers are fair game. The first to open the bag and retrieve the baggler gets to eat the baggler. Therefore, it is in one's best interest to be the keeper of the bag."


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