White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Once again, into the breach

Saturday, January 01, 2005


Once again, into the breach

Last night was filled with mixed blessings. The kids didn't break anything valuable, didn't get attacked by feral animals or throw up all over the place. They did spend most of their time harassing the Seliga family pets and sneaking chips and cookies from the buffet table. What's a bit more sugar, eh daddy? No worse than throwing a little ethane on a phosphorus fire. The most frustrating highlights were when at midnight, Jacob ran out the front door with the rest of the kids and ran down the dark street. I had to muster all my immense speed to keep up with him and make sure when the 4 or so mobs of children loudly banging pots and pans that poured into the street eventually dispersed, that Jake came back with the one he arrived in. Squirrelly little dude. The kids also figured out that if they don't stop moving, they wont fall asleep. And that, my friend, is how a 2.5 year old can stay awake till 0330 in the morning. We eventually cornered them, gave them some warm milk and made them stay put for a bit which caused them to fall asleep within 30 minutes. All in all, things went quite well. No disasters and I did not spend 110% of the time trying to chase down one or two of the littlest terrorists. We got home sometime after 0400 and dropped the kids in their beds. They barely stirred the whole trip home.

This morning, I woke from a dream that should have been quite disturbing, but for some reason did not bother me. The first part of the dream involved someone, apparently my brother beating the living snot out of someone who would not give up. This guy would try to attack my brother in various ways, but he would knock the guy down or away with a single blow and just stand there and wait for him to attack again. I would ask the guy to quit, but he would swear at me and try to attack my brother again. Later on, I had a dream of similar concept, except now I was being attacked and successfully repelling the assailant. Wired stuff. At 0800, the dogs started making a ruckus. I quickly got out of bed and gave them a look that meant grave consequences would be forthcoming if they failed to shut up. It worked for about 10 minutes. I let them out at 0400 so I'm not too happy that they require me to let them out again. Their schedule is their life. They should be UN bureaucrats. The second time I let them out and then left them outside for the duration. It was surprisingly warm so I did not feel badly about this. This did me no good since the kids woke up shortly after. Four hours of sleep just did not cut it. Neither for me or the Mrs. Of course, I can take it since I have gotten used to not getting sleep, but the Mrs needs her 8 or she is less than her graceful self. We let the kids abuse us for a while before we head downstairs. The Mrs naps a bit in the livingroom and I try to dissuade the kids from attacking her too much. She is nearly immovable in her current state, a perfect target for the kids. They leave her alone for some reason while I go light a fire and clean up some dog poop. Fun stuff. When I return, Alexis lets me know that she wants some yogurt so I split one between the kids. I figure that they are probably ready for lunch so I slide a Thomas DVD into the TV and get them set up. The Mrs hears the magical sounds of the kids cooperating and rolls off the sofa to lead the lunch effort. It goes well and we shuttle the kids off to bed. The Mrs follows them closely. Good for you hon, you could use the rest.

While the family slept, I took care of some outside stuff. Take down the Christmas lights and wreaths, restock the firewood brackets and work on the laundry. Simple stuff that just has to get done. The rest of the evening is pretty mundane. The kids get up, we play for a bit, they get dinner, I get heartburn. Nothing new, nothing special. Hopefully, my heartburn will not be with me tomorrow.


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