White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Yah-hooo

Tuesday, December 14, 2004



Not much to report today. I'll probably do some menial tasks that have been fermenting on the back burner. Even though I was up till 0030 this morning, I still managed to roll out of bed at 0605. I even remembered a sliver of my dreams when I did wake, promptly forgetting them on the commute in. The traffic on Mill Road was just as awful as ever. This is one of the main east-west roads that will take you to the Willow Grove interchange of the turnpike. It is always a mess after 0630. I don't know why I took it, I guess just to remind myself that it is pretty horrible. The KOP interchange was a mess too. I think that is because the off ramp points directly into the sunrise. You come up this incline and WHAM! There is the sun, right in your eyes. Tends to make traffic slow down quite quickly. This in turn, backs up onto the turnpike for a mile or two. Ingenious traffic planners. Get to work, my head is starting to hurt. I wolf down a handful of Acetaminophen/COD #3 and get on with it. Mmmmm, good times. One good way to start the day is narcotics and coffee. Speaking of coffee, the Cafe on the first floor had it's grand opening today. Free food! Not only that, they had Starbucks coffee on tap. Mmmm, one more temptation. My dentist is going to kill me if I stain my teeth any more than I already do.


  • Did low voltage landscape lighting registration
  • SuperSaturn Registration
  • Call Dentist to reshedule appt - now have Dec 29th at 0900 and Feb 1st at 1650 as well as Neuro on Feb 2nd at 1500.

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