White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Work Weekend - Monday Sufferage

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Work Weekend - Monday Sufferage

This weekend started pretty good and went south damn quickly. So much happened that it is hard to really go through it all and describe it. Some bullet points:
  • Help the Mrs vacuum the play room

  • Hunt mastodon poop

  • Put up Christmas lights

  • clean gutters

  • Suck up leaves that Mrs raked together while I was on the roof

  • mow front lawn to suck up remaining leaves

  • Restock Firewood brackets

  • Raze half of the flower beds of debris

  • Go out to Seliga party Sunday Night

  • Drink a bit of vodka while kids steal chocolate

  • Console Alexis after she got bit by the family dog

  • Then Monday morning came. When I woke, I briefly remembered a dream about sitting in a bar. The bartender has set out a Screwdriver with extra vodka and a plate of scrambled eggs. The I begin to drink and eat. When the eggs are nearly gone, I give him 5$ for the food/drink and 10$ for a tip. He proceeds to drink the rest of the Screwdriver. Then I start to really wake up and find that my hands are shaking like a wet dog in January. The tremors are not a good sign. I think I may have pushed myself a little too much this weekend. Crap. This might also explain the week long low-level migraine I have been fighting. So, I send an email in to the boss lady letting her know that I will be at home if they have any questions. I spend most of the day in bed trying to rest up, but the tremors keep me awake and extra angsty. I crawl out of bed and try to do something that will distract me at least a little. I crank up the wood stove, but have a hard time striking the match. Damn MS. I mix up a bleach/borax paste to clean the tile in the kids bathroom, but have a tough time keeping my hand steady to spread it in the cracks. Stupid MS. I roll up the plastic sheets that the net-lights came in, but have difficulty holding the corners to fold it correctly. ARGH, MS! I move on to tasks that I don't need dexterity for. Washing the dogs blankets, removing hair from their beds and washing the covers (silly little zippers avoiding my fingers), use the shop vac to clean up wood splinters and dirt from the firewood racks after loading them up again. Just when I think things are getting better, the actually start to get dicey. I decide to cook two full meals for Joyce; Provincial Chicken and Fettucini with cheese and veggies. The onion is what gives me all the problems. I was so nervous around the knife. My dicing skills (yeah, I used that word on purpose) were just not up to snuff. I might as well have tossed in into a food processor. That really shook my confidence. I then had to do the same with the ham steak. I forged ahead and made quick work of it. My confidence restored, I wrapped up the prep tasks and got down to the application of heat. The chicken in the oven takes 1.5 hours and requires little monitoring. The pasta ... well, it's pasta. That takes little more than 30 minutes. There you go, the Lovely and Talented Mrs MDMHVONPA has lunches and dinners for the week. Transferring the food from the pots/cast iron skillet is another matter. Searing hot food goes everywhere as my stammering hands twitch away. Argh. After the kids and wife are home, I try to slice up the meat that I want to cure for jerky. Well, that didn't go so well, but at least I didn't loose any fingers. Putting the slabs of brisket in the freezer for a bit did help a bit. It was a bit easier to hold on to. I think the cold from the meat actually helped beat back my tremors a bit. I think that the next time this happens (God Forbid), I'll make jerky.


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