White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Tuesday buggered

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Tuesday buggered

On the second day of vacation my sweetheart gave to me: more sleeping in late. Ahhh welll, not too late. About 0715 or so. We had things to do so we played with the kids for a bit, and did some more dishes. Then I signed up to drive the Family Tank from one end of NE Philly to the other in order to do ... shopping. Oh, the humanity! It wasn't as bad as it could have been. We did not go to a mall or any clothing stores, thank God. No, we went to the local membership bulk warehouse called BJ's and a new super-sized Asian market. The BJ's stop was nice. Went about and bought a few items and snuck in some jelly beans while the Mrs was not looking. Mmmm. Now the Korean/Asian market was another story entirely. When I first entered the store I found that the produce section was right there like any other store. It pretty much looked like any other produce section, until I started finding some of the more exotic fruits and gourds. No biggie. Then I get to the seafood section and things start to get ... interesting. One of the first things I found was a cellophane package of peppered cod gills in fermented fish sauce. Ummm, I think I'll pass on this one, thanx. So Jacob and I turned down one of the aisles of canned regional delicacies. Hmmm, wasabi peas, gummy drops, canned and smoked silk worms .... eh? Ummm, I've eaten some dubious things before, but never smoked insects. Ok, perhaps the meat section will be more to my inclination. Off we go, past the canned/preserved/smoked/salted/pickled insects/reptiles/rodents and other such things I should probably never ingest. Ahhh, we arrive at the promised land of meat and tasty comestibles. Hmmm, whole pig heart, sliced cow tongue, halved pigs feet, intestines and honeycomb tripe. Please deliver me! Back to the seafood, at least I am mostly safe there. Amongst the towering piles of live conch and buckets of cod heads. After an hour of fleeing various horror show staples, the Mrs and her clan have found what they were looking for and are happy to check out now. But not before we make a pass by bidet land and the jewelers ... in a grocery store. Ok, I've seen everything. On the way back to the Family Tank, the Inlaws mentioned to the Mrs that we should buy some of those questionable items and prepare them for the children some day. Ummm, yeah. I don't think I could ask the kids to eat something that I myself am unwilling to partake of. I've never been of the school of thought "Do as I say, not as I do".

The Tuckered Out Twins nod off on the way home, so they would be going to bed as soon as we could get them to their suite. It did not take much to get them to sleep and they slept from 1400 till about 1630 when we had to get them up for dinner. I took advantage of this lull in activity to take a greatly needed nap as well. Upon waking up, I quickly prepare dinner for the kids and family and thus generate a new load of dishes to be cleaned. A never ending cycle of defeatism ... I'm starting to consider serving dinner on paper plates and then tossing them in the fireplace.


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