White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Sunday

Sunday, December 26, 2004



Ahhh, Sunday, a day of rest. Alexis was well enough so that she could come to church with us and raise a ruckus. Small blessings, she did not get sick again. After the 1000 mass, we went out shopping for a few items to prepare for dinner that night. We had a turkey soaking in brine and there were a few odd items that we needed to make the 3rd blockbuster dinner in a row. Which in turn means lots of dishes to wash and clean. Urg. To makes sure that I don't foul up my record from making Sunday the most strenuous day of the week, I restocked the brackets with a face cord of wood and defrosted the deep freezer. The freezer had quite a bit of ice buildup and this was causing the penguin and walrus populations to dwindle. Can't have dwindling wildlife in the freezer, PETA might object.


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