White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Suburban Water Mismanagement

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Suburban Water Mismanagement

This is your standard crap-fest from our regional water company. I had called the water company and scheduled a crew to come out and remove my meter on the water main that I use for the sprinkler system. If I don't, they charge me a minimum 'rental' fee for the meter of 27$ a month. Since I only use it in the summer, I might as well have it removed. On Oct 18th they apparently came and made a huge mess in the front yard. It looks like they broke the shutoff valve since it was all dug up, mud on the sidewalk and street. Yesterday, we got a bill in the mail for the minimum rental fee. The Mrs sent in two checks the last time we got the water bills: one for the house and one for the lawn. They will give us a credit for the amount we paid on the lawn meter from Oct 18th to the current bill after they straighten everything out. Well, the Mrs called them on the mat and they fessed up. They couldn't remove it so they just left. Goobers. I'm putting an Idiot sign out front to show them where it is. A big piece of cardboard with an arrow pointing down ...
text: WATER METER HERE. I used to be able to open it, but they put a new locking mechanism on it so now you need a special magnetic tool. I'll wager the contractor didn't have the tool, so just left after breaking the main shutoff.


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