White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Recycling Gone South (North?)

Friday, December 10, 2004


Recycling Gone South (North?)

This is rich. I was then talking to a co-worker who forwarded this snippet from Ian Goldberg (formerly of Berkley) to me:

Today was the last day of weekly trash pickup for us here in East York (and in most of Toronto). Next week, they start picking up the trash only once every two weeks, but at the same time, they're starting a weekly compost collection that collects all manner of things one normally doesn't expect to put in compost. It seems they're using anaerobic digestion to process the stuff, which can take a wider variety of stuff than your garden-variety compost heap. I'm not sure to what use they'll put the resulting (sic) methane. I've heard of farms that use this process, and then turn the resulting methane into electricity, but I've seen no indication of that in this case.

So starting today, I have to be careful of what trash I put into what receptacle; the choices are now "recycle", "compost", and "other trash". We've got a little chart on the fridge indicating what goes where.

I suspect most of the trash we generate will be non-recyclable plastics. That's because Toronto, for some really odd reason, only accepts plastic types 1 and 2 for recycling. I remember Montreal took a whole bunch more. We still need to figure out where in the kitchen to put the compost bin, but we'll find a place soon enough.

As I said in the comments of the Western Heart Article, can you imagine what 2 weeks of dirty diapers from twins smell like! A lot less sweet than a week old carcass of a rotting lobster.


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