White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Long night

Thursday, December 30, 2004


Long night

This was a pretty awful day in the beginning, but evened out later in the day. At around 0300, Alexis started to wail and complain. We were not too sure about what was bugging her, but she ended up wandering the house with the Mrs for quite some time until the malox and other assorted children's opiates took effect and she went back to sleep. Later, when she woke and needed a diaper change, an odor that I hope never to smell again assaulted us. She certainly has something amiss down there and can understand her disconcerting. Of course, her problems were our problems. Since we got so little sleep, we spruced ourselves up a bit and dropped the kids off at the Child Detention and ReEducation Center at 0700. We immediately went home and went back to bed till 1300. Now that was a GREAT Christmas present to ourselves. Yes, we love our progeny as much as anyone can, but we needed the time off. Between 1400 and 1730, we pretty much spent our time cleaning the house and taking out the tree before it spontaneously combusted. It took a bit of time to find where all the damned ornaments had gone to. It seems that they had grown legs and migrated to more interesting environments in the kids play room. The kids, in turn, were very concerned that the tree had disappeared, but we assured them that it would be back next year. Its a good thing that I took a branch clipper to the tree and cut all the branches off or I'm sure as the sun shines that they would find it and DEMAND that I put it back where I got it from. The only other thing of note is that we are now doing dinner time without the TV on. It was a bit more work for the Mrs and I, but a necessary action. This parenting stuff is complicated.


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