White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Little PUNK!

Friday, December 10, 2004


Little PUNK!

After I left work last night, I stopped at mall to see if the folks at the Cingular Store could get my sim reset. It was raining out and the fact that it rains in December around here can be quite a mood dampener. I slowly crept to the KOP mall and slid into an open parking slot on the first level of the new parking structure they put in. Nice, I don't have to dash through the rain and spend the rest of the night in soggy clothing. The wireless store was in the same zip code as the parking lot, so that a good step. I don't think I was up to walking the length of this labyrinth of consumer evil, dodging the advances of seasonal help with their cheap trinkets and malodorous perfumes. Got to the store at 1800, out by 1820. Excellent. It actually took longer than it should have. They were confused because my name and 4digit SS prefix were not the same as that of Mrs MDMHVONPA. She is the account owner, I am an authorized user. Whatever. They fixed it, but still no signal. They called in to the Cingular help desk and by the time they got through, TA-DA! Instant signal. Impatient consumers need that little act of initiative and urgency. I was duly impressed. I called the Mrs just to prove that my toilet scented phone was working within acceptable parameters. While shouting at the top of our voices over the Magical Lazarus Phone, she managed to get a request in for me to buy some battery holders from the Organized Living store. I was in the Court, the store in question was in the Plaza. The other end of the mall ... nuts. SOoooo, back out to the SuperSaturn and off to the other part of the mall. I think this part of the mall is either in the CST or MST time zone. I love my lovely and talented Mrs, so it is not at mountain too high for me to climb. In fact, it is in the sub-level so I can take the escalator down to it. Half an hour later, I've got the requested items for the Mrs and I'm pulling out of the Consumerism Temple of Crap. One thing that did make me smile is the Santa Picture zone in the Plaza. A 'Real Santa' was there with all the trappings. Hmmm, Santa Claus is Saint Nick, don't you know. Better get the PC police on that. Call homeland security too.

To make a long story short, the guy I was going to meet for sushi FORGOT and never showed up. I spent about 75 minutes sitting at the bar listening to the line this guy was spewing in order to pick up some girl. He was there with his wingman and she was with her ... less attractive friend. They both have kids, they are divorced, he is a writer, she is independently wealthy. His antics, her repudiations ... it kept me amused the whole time. I still remember this guy trying to impress her with his knowledge of Existentialism and his breadth of knowledge regarding the banking system while the 'Less Attractive Booster' was busy hitting on the male bartender. The female bartender was doing her best not to let this rassemblement petit see her mirth. She did, however, let me know how much she was enjoying the sideshow between her beverage fulfillment tasks. When I finished off my second vodka martini, I finally had enough and went home.

This morning is the start of yet another standard day. Raining, but chance of snow. Hounds go out, destroy lawn, track in mud. Jake is a bit under the weather, probably the flu getting him down. I had no ill effects from the smoke and booze last night other then a dry throat. Traffic was slow and somewhat frustrating. Got to work at 0815. Dull, dull, dull. Skymall is broke on the other side, so no SpongeBob SquareJunk orders today. MarketWorks broke half way through the day, so same thing for them. Upside: Hero Dad and Increda-Mom will be visiting this weekend to cheer up the kids. More on that tomorrow.


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