White Lightning Axiom: Redux: last day

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


last day

I saw something interesting on the way home last night. Just as I was making my low-altitude, high-speed bank from First Avenue onto the Rt 422 parking lot, I noticed a line of cars stopped for no good reason. The were supposed to be accelerating from the on-ramp as they merged into traffic. The traffic is typically moving at Mach-2 and you damn well better get your own ass to Mach-3 in order to find a slot to merge into. If you don't, you sit on the shoulder for the next two hours till traffic dies down enough. Then I see off to the left why the they are slowing down. There are two white-tail deer standing in the median. They have obviously wandered off the Valley Forge National Monument grounds where they are not hunted. There is a monster herd of them at the park. They make pests of themselves by going into the neighboring community and stripping all the expensive landscaping. The landscapers love this, they get to plant new bushes every spring. Anyways, back to my giant rodent problem. The deer, not the motorists who have never seen a deer before even though there are millions in the region. These drive-by venison aspirants were just standing there, grazing on the lead permeated greenery while the bedazzled locals ogled them at 10 mph. I'm fairly certain that there was going to be an accident there because of this wildlife incursion so I did my darndest to get away from the location as quickly as possible. Time to start introducing wolves and mountain-lions back into the state parks here. Enter the parks with a guide and rifle.

The rest of the trip home was pretty harsh. Traffic was dense and slow moving so I had to stay in the right lane to be sure that I could get where I needed to go. I'm not the type of guy who would bully or force my way into a line of traffic. Those people really burn me up, but I try to let it go. My time is valuable, but manners are the backbone of society, no matter how insane the societal norms may be. On the way in this morning, I started to think of my fellow commuters in a different light. It seems that when the weather gets a bit colder, people start to drive a bit slower. I guess they are a breed of lizard drivers. The cold blooded South Pennsyltucky Reptilian residents of the PA Turnpike. I see a good analogy in this.

Work is work, the only interesting things are the central players. I heard via the grapevine that C* got some more divorce papers today and her sack-of-shit ex is probably trying to get more of her family money. The guy is scum. He wont get a job so I assume he is suing for more alimony. He ran off with HER 'best friend' and now feels that he is entitled to more. She takes care of the two children while he frolics in Alaska. The guy needs to be eaten by a bear or some wolves ... any taker? My PM is back today. John has been under the weather lately, some kind of virus since his wife got it too. Rough time to be sick ... I should know. The only other thing going on right now is the pervasive bitching about shopping that I am hearing. You know people, it's not about the gifts. This is NOT Southpark. If it is that hard, just get a gift card from your Local Home Depot Temple or some Amex Travelers Checks ... Or perhaps hire someone to do it for you! Ok, calm down ... I need a martini.


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