White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Grind

Monday, December 13, 2004



Yet another rainy December day. Monday to boot. It is so miserable, I turn off my alarm clock and sleep till 0705. You know what, it was still raining and now the traffic is that much worse. The Mrs and I rush about to get ready for the day that awaits us. While she showers, I take care of the dogs and get the twins situated in the mile-wide water bed. No time for me to change them right now, just get them snuggled in and a warm bottle going down. They are not too happy this morning. After having the Grandparents about, they are keenly interested in finding them this morning so they can go back to sleep for an hour or so. Well, sorry guys. Grams and Gramps had to go home to work, we will see them for Christmas, ok? No, well ... look, there's the Wiggles on the television! Ahhh, distraction. Another little surprise for me was that they had somehow dug up the Cadbury Clucking Bunnies the got last Easter and were clutching them like it was the last plush animal they would ever see. They certainly love their toys, sometimes it takes a lot of trickery and bribery to get them away from their fixation dejour. It will not work forever though.

I got to work at 0845 this morning, rain and all. It was a interesting start to the day at the office too. Every 10 to 15 minutes or so, the lights would shut off briefly. That can be enough to really drive you up a wall if you spend your day staring into a high definition light source. In between flickers, I went through the input I got from my High Level Design Document for the SmartLabel project ... a project that needs to die in a horrible way as soon as possible. It wont. The project will continue on and suck up enormous amounts of time, money and resources. Someone will get promoted. I work at Dilbert's company. Later that evening, I went to the Child Detention and ReEducation Center on a S&R mission for Alexis. Jacob had already been snatched by the Wife. He had a dermatologist's appointment earlier in the evening. Alexis is curious as to where Jacob has gone to. For being so adversarial, she sure is protective of her big brother. In place of her brother, she found an orange McDonald's mini TY Beanie Baby Bear that she held on to. No trickery, slight of hand or bribery could convince her to leave it behind. Argh, she is so possession oriented! We leave the building WITH the bear and look at the stars. She points out the blinking lights of an aircraft high above. "My Airplane Daddy!" ... "Yes, I know honey. Lets go home and see your Mommy and Guo-Guo" ... "MY MOMMY! MY GUO-GUO Daddy!" A quick flurry of snow came down and passed as quickly as it arrived. I don't think she noticed or I'd be combing the ground to find her snow-flakes for the rest of the night.


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