White Lightning Axiom: Redux: argh

Wednesday, December 22, 2004



The end of the last day at work for the year was intolerable. For the last two hours, there was this LOUD buzzing noise coming from the ventilation shafts. It was only two hours, but it seemed like an eternity. I guess you could describe the pitch as a large wasp in a tin can. No matter how loud I turned up the music or how hard I pressed on my headphones, it still broke through. It made my teeth curl. I guess the annoyance was partly psychological ... something to do with that hornet I swallowed a few summers back. It grinds on me like a pair of steel wool underwear. I finally get fed up and leave at 1540. See ya next year, fellow wage-slaves ... suckers. On the way home, there are no deer vermin, no carcass on the road and no mile long blood and gore stain. Damn, they must have gotten away ... next time, next time.

The Wonderful and Graceful Mrs MDMHVONPA took half the day off today to do some grocery shopping and such. She was home when I got there, it was kind of a treat to be greeted by a loved one. It is usually pretty cold when I get home but having someone else in the house made it so much less hollow. A final note for this last work day of the year, we ate out. I just was not into the whole dinner/death-cage match with the kids tonight. We went out to Bartuchi's and had pizza, pasta and vodka martinis. Jake resisted the Mrs attempts to feed him, so we switched sides and Evil Mean Angry Dad got him to eat. I'm the stern bad guy so he doesn't fool around with me. Being the authority figure sucks, but from my own experiences I know they will thank me when they are 30. Just ask my parents.


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