White Lightning Axiom: Redux: ahhh

Friday, December 03, 2004



Since I decided to go out with the guys for lunch, I left a bit later today. Yeah, I could probably have skipped the Scotch and Beer lunch, but why? So out the door I go at 1615. As I drive down the Tpk, the sun was setting behind me in the South West. As I was nearing the Flint Hill Road Overpass near the State Trooper Barracks, I looked up to see the new town-homes (damn ugly) on the hill colored pink, It kind of reminds me of something from the hills of san Francisco. Not that they were pink, just the peculiar pastel color of the houses as they cascaded down the side of the hill. As I progressed along the road, I could see the sun reflecting off sound barriers behind me. They looked like they were sheets of orange flames licking up the sides of the embankments. This is one of those lucky moments when the time, weather and angle was just right in so many ways. Probably wont see something like this for another six months. It only took me 45 minutes to get to the Manor, but wife had already arrived and the Hounds were busy tearing up the back 50 as I pulled into the Car Port. We milled about the house, doing a few obligatory tasks and then took off to get the twins. She slumped into the passenger's seat of the Super Saturn and immediately closed her eyes. I asked if she was ok and it turns out that she had developed bad headache from wearing glasses all day. Not a good development. After liberating the twins, we deliver them home and the Broken Wife heads off to the Living Room to lie down. I take care of feeding kids for an hour or so while she recovers. The kids eat very well on my watch. After dinner, Alexis snuggles with mommy. This is an anomaly, and Jacob is none too pleased with this development. That is HIS mommy and Alexis is burning up HIS valuable mommy-time! Ohhh, there will be pay-back for this transgression. Just you wait!

Went to bed at 2300, got up late. Very late, like 0715 late. Oh well, I have nothing but misery to look forward to at work so I don't feel compelled to 'hurry up' and get under way. It really does not matter, traffic on tpk is guaranteed to be a disaster at this time of the day anyways. When I do finally get to work, I find that the efforts that I was going through yesterday were all for naught. The format of a description that we sent to a vendor will not match the format we have in our database because of a change made in production. This change did not make it into the development environment and thus ensured that my comparison of the two descriptions would always come back with a failure. For all 700 of them. Ugh, now that the change is back in DEV, I have to run again and see what needs to be updated and what can stay in place. This will take all day.


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