White Lightning Axiom: Redux: work weekend

Saturday, November 06, 2004


work weekend

Ok, since this weekend was a real whirlwind, I'm going to abandon my usual prose and just give a run-down on this Saturdays happenings.
Friday Evening:

Mrs did not get home in time to assist with Operation Scion Snatch (Twin Search & Retrieval), So I managed alone.
I stripped all the beds and ended up with 6 loads of laundry.
My migrane is trying to stage a comeback, so I stamped it down with pharma.
Brought out more toys for the kids, blocks & wood puzzles.
I finally get to sleep at 0100, insomnia anyone?
The Mrs retires at 2:30 - who is working on her Uncle's PC that is hosed beyond belief.
Mrs up at 0500 to let the howling hounds out, I had to do the ear drops for Thor.
While I was up, I start fire to warm the house ... nice oak.
I bring Alexis and Jacob into the Master suite at 0615.
We lounge around for a while till the kids get uppity.
The Mrs sets up some new toys for the kids.
She then naps downstairs on the leather couch till 0930, I keep the little terrors in the kitchen so that she can rest without fearing the random pummeling.
Do more laundry, leaving kids to their own devices in the kitchen while wife in coma.
Unload dishwasher, reload, restart.
Alexis eats bits of Trenton pork roll ... kinda like spam, she loves it - The Mrs thinks it is an abomination.
Wife showers and then comes to life, I head outside to chop wood - for hours.
In a final act of hubris, I change water filter under the kitchen sink.


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