White Lightning Axiom: Redux: ugh

Tuesday, November 16, 2004



On the way home last night, I noticed something amiss as I walked across the 'Frogger' street to the parking lot. The lights on the corner did not seem to be working properly. I had a suspicion in the morning when I was coming in to work that this was the case. Since it was green in my direction and there was a pack of other motorists around me, I did not occur to me that the people blasting through the light in the opposing direction were doing anything out of the ordinary. Everyone runs red lights around here. Scary, but you get used to it I guess. It was about 1600 when I left to get back to the Manor and the sun was just above the horizon. Just in the right place to burn my cornea right out of my eye-sockets. It had the additional boost of being right between the two traffic lights, thus ensuring that I had to look right at the damn thing. There was a bus to the right of me, and since he was going through the light I figured that I would be ok. Can't argue with a bus, can you?

Did the usual stuff at the manor and then went on a S&R mission for the kids. It was pretty dark by the time I managed to haul them outside the Detainment Compound. Then Alexis starts chattering about the 'Moooon!'. I look about, and there it is. A narrow crescent of light, just over the roof of the adjoining building to the south. Right between a light pole and a starkly illuminated tree. Old eagle-eye Alexis strikes again. The whole trip home, we talked about the moon and identified other objects appearing in the sky. The planes, the light poles, the stars and clouds. Curious little sprite. Once at the manor, I had to coerce Jacob to come inside. He seemed more interested in running around the Family Tank and Super Saturn in a little game of 'Catch me if you can'. Nimble little bugger. Took me a few circuits to corner him so I could hoist him along side his sister.

Dinner was fun. Jacob gobbled down his broccoli soup and bowl of oatmeal. This was shortly followed by a 6oz container of banana yogurt drink and a few fish-stick. He was close to exploding. Even Alexis could not keep up with him. I'm so proud of my little omnivore! The oatmeal certainly gave him the mass he needed for his next trick. Yeah, diaper blowout. Mommy was a bit stunned by the volume as well. Not too messy though, which was a blessing. Other than them doing the little 'Happy toddler dance' in unison, it was a typical evening at the Haupertonian Manor. I hit the sack shortly after the kids do. I abstained from coffee today as an experiment, and the sleep seemed to come a bit easier. In fact, I slept fairly well until 0515, and 0530, right up till 0615 when I finally remembered that I had promised D* to be to work early to monitor the DealHaven/MarketWorks escapade. Rush-rush-rush. I manage to help out a bit with the kids and still get to work by 0715. Good, but then D* does not in till 0745. Urg. Run the queries, determine that they are fine and it is the preprocessing that takes two hours. Life is full of surprises.


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