White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Ugh

Monday, November 08, 2004



Busy and exhausting weekend, rough Monday morning. Getting up sucked, leaving the kids sucked, traffic sucked. My feet are cold. Whaaa.

Ok, did the lameO item list for Saturday and Sunday. Complete and total cop out. I feel dirty. S'allright I guess. I think I should probably do the weekend updates On the Weekend if I want to actually do something that amuses myself. Getting up late today did not help much. Traffic and general malaise sucked the will out of me to do anything really. I do need to give Mom a call about the broccoli soup that Jacob likes so much. Last time I made, it ended up being not quite right and he would not eat it. I'll do anything to make sure he gets his veggies. I know it involves broccoli, rice and some kind of fat. I cant remember if it is butter or milk ... and that's where the problem lies. That, and I need to stop at Home Depot tonight to pick up some furnace filters for my home-made jerky machine. Mmmmm ... jerky.


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