White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Post Vacation Blues

Monday, November 29, 2004


Post Vacation Blues

It's an early start to the day. Jacob wakes up early again only to drink his milk and fall back to sleep in mommy's arms. Lucky guy. I stumble down the stairs
and let the dogs out, then give them their food. Back in the mast suite, I doze off only to be woken hours later with the sinking feeling that I will be a bit late to work this awful Monday morning. I had a series of semi-lucid dreams again. One where my boss is a disassembled robot and a set of that I cannot remember now. Hmm, I wonder if I was the one who smashed the machine. I got Alexis and she insisted on bringing everything from her crib to the mile-wide water bed. I could tell that it was going to be on of those mornings for her. She was not happy about vacation being over and just wanted to snuggle. After the Mrs and I managed to get her changed, I had to coerce her into coming down to the kitchen, to no avail. In the end, I had to wrap her in a small comforter, cradle her in a pillow and lug all her plush toys along to the kitchen where I set the Queen on her throne to watch television ... very cranky queen indeed. Diva perhaps?

Now the fun begins. The frost is heavy on the windshield and takes a bit of elbow grease to remove. The scraper is in the trunk. When I pop the trunk, I notice that rear tire low on air again. Very low. About 20psi short of 40. It takes some time to pump up, but I am not in the mood to schedule a repair right now. I just need to keep on top of it till inspection when I will have it fixed. I get work by 8:30 and find no skymall orders since the 24th when they found out that they were not encrypting the evening files for the last ummm ... month. Ooof, hope that none of these were overnight shipping! In other news, my knee hurts, and my ankle ... for no good reason. Stupid MS.


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