White Lightning Axiom: Redux: O'er the hump

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


O'er the hump

I had a little scare yesterday evening. On the drive in, I noticed that the Super Saturn was not handling like it usually did. A little bit of slide on the high-speed turns coming off the turnpike. I attributed it to no coffee and slick roads. Nothing to worry about. Then, on the drive home, I noticed it even more. The turns I would make at a 50mph would cause the car to shift out a bit, requiring me to over-compensate. I reduced my speed, but seriously thought that there was something amiss with the power steering. That, or some other very expensive repair. Not what I would like to spend my cash on during the holiday season. I thought that I might be able to drop the car off at the mechanic's over the weekend, but he is a family guy and would probably not be working weekends at this time of the year. When I docked in the carport at the Haupertonian Manor, I took a look at the High Grade Depleted Uranium wheels on the front and found them within operating parameters. Then I noticed that it was actually the rear driver wheel, or rather, tire that was causing my woe. It was nearly half flat! Not sure how I missed it, but it looks like I might be able to either fill it with fix-a-flat or just re-inflate it to test. So that is what I did later in the night. Hooked up the electric pump into the cigarette lighter and let it go while I fed Alexis. If it is flat in the morning, then I know that I will need to break out the can of filler. With that in mind, we hit the sack at 1115 and wait for morning. The Mrs needs to go to the NJ HQ of her pharma company in the morning, so there will be no dallying about.

We get out of bed at 0615, prep the kids and I get to work at 0745. Traffic was a bit messy and the tire was still good, so it was a good morning. This coffee reduction thing might be a good idea for me. On thing that will taint the following few days is a looming issue that I don't want to deal with. The annual Xmass letter. Oh, the wailing and gnashing of teeth shall now commence!


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