White Lightning Axiom: Redux: move redux

Monday, November 22, 2004


move redux

Sunday night was pretty much over with and Monday morning came too soon. The fire did not burn all the wet wood from the previous night, so there was a lot of extinguished coals and partially burnt wood scraps left over. I guess I'll have to sift the ash out and toss the 'good stuff' back in tonight. I left Katie out of her kennel and she behaved the night. Hope she can keep it up. Outside of a rough start this morning, things were ok. I got going late and got to enjoy the extra traffic at the 309 interchange and a HUGE bumper-sucking love-fest at the KOP exit. It was backed up for about 2 miles, bumper to bumper, 4 lanes. All because on there was a truck-car accident in the opposing lanes of the on-ramp. Nice. Damn rubber-neckers. Got to the new office at 0800 and it looks like the whole move thing went well. My half-box of stuff is here, along with the pc and other assorted cruft. There is a ton of hp parking spots right next to the building, so that will make life less dangerous. No more dashing across the morning traffic to get to work. I am on the 3rd floor though. Oh well, I guess I could use the exercise.

Work was a crapper. We pushed code to production this morning and apparently we were supposed to put it in the dataz library and not the datax tree. So, I got to move it over which is no big deal. It's just the principle of it. The wrong place is perl/lib/GSI/DataX ... the right place (for production) is perl/lib_test/GSI/DataX ... obvious, isn't it? The rest of the day, the place is a sauna. The bottom floors are cold since the movers have wedged the doors open to do their jobs. So, the chilly 1st floor elite have cranked up the heat ... which rises through the open area in the middle of the building and roasts us to death up here on the 3rd and 4th floors. Damn hot. Not sun hot, but wool sweater in July hot. Swamp-ass hot. Ick. I have a plan though. My solution: take off shirt, bitch a lot. That works every time.


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