White Lightning Axiom: Redux: monday

Monday, November 15, 2004



I abhor Monday. It just plain sucks. Well, that isn't entirely fair. I pretty much don't like this particular Monday for what it may bring. The rotten db query is waiting for me with glistening fangs and an empty, cavernous maw. So be it. The PM is imploring me to fix what ails the process and save us all from ill will. So be it. The BM is just stormy and conflicted. Canceling the 'launch lunch' and refusing to speak unless it involves the project. So be it. I love my job. Well, it pays well. The best part of today is that the kids got up at 0600 and did their usual things. Jacob clings to me when I bring him into the bedroom. Once in a while, he will plant a kiss on my cheek. Not today, but he was thinking about it. If the Mrs is in the bed, he grins with delight as he squirms under the blankets to snuggle up against the Mrs. No mommy today, but he still wanted to get under the quilt. Alexis was unhappy to be awake, but was more than happy to be planted under the quilt and stay warm. Two little ones, sheltered from the cold and extremes of a harsh environment. Through the fruits of my labor. Labor I must, and off to work to do battle with the demons that wait there for me. Demons like rush hour traffic and no toilet paper in the bathroom stalls. Little incubus, leaving spoiled creamer in the 'Mini-Moos' and hiding all the sugar packets. Big windigo of no heat in the building making me a touch cranky. I like it at 60, not 45, thank you. At least I wont be chopping any wood when I get home tonight. Well, I do have 9 rounds left, but they can wait. I've got trash to take out and recycling to drag to the curb. Manly tasks for the manly-man of the house. That, and a stinky diaper pail to contend with. Now, that there is some fun!


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