White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Monday pt 2

Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Monday pt 2

Ended up going to bed about 2330 ... not a reasonable way to ensure a good nights sleep. No self control, at all. I did manage to wake up at 0500, 0515, 0530 and finally at 0545. Each time, I could hear Jacob complaining and asking for the Wife and I to come get him. I wish he did not have my 'Morning Person' sleep habits. These days, I would really like to sleep in. We lounged around the bed for a bit, and then finally got underway after Jacob had enough cuddling with Mommy and Daddy.
I did remember another dream this morning. Something about living in a small house that had one large room. More of a cabin I suppose. The sun would rise in the back that seemed to be entirely comprised of windows and would heat up the house. A bed was situated against the North-Western corner. I was living there with the Mrs. When the room got too hot, we would open the front door to let the wind blow through the house. She was upset because it was hard to get any privacy to change with the open front door. She did not seem concerned that the back of the house was all windows. Weird. Discarding the other nonsense dreams, I went down to let the dogs out, fed them and then returned to check on Alexis. Still asleep. I ran inside and showered up while Mommy changed and dressed Jacob. Just as I was finishing up, the Mrs headed downstairs to make lunch for the Twins. Jacob just sat there in the mile wide water bed watching Bear. Apparently, this episode had trains, he was fixated.

I finish and the Mrs jumps into the shower. Jacob escorts me to the nursery to fetch his sister who is patiently waiting for me to get her and all her paraphernalia. She is happy till I start to change her, then things go south for a bit. While I was locked in mortal combat, Jacob ran off to the guest room to crawl into that bed too. He apparently noticed a box of Kleenex in the room and after a bit, brought it back to the master suite. After pulling out a couple for me, he surrendered the box. After mostly finishing off Alexis, I went down the grand hall to shut off the entertainment center in the guest room. Did I say 'Guest Room'? I ment .... Presidential Suite, yeah. Anyways, I get there and the floor is CARPETED in Kleenex. Hmm, I guess Jacob discovered the magic Kleenex box of never ending tissue. Nice. I show the wife so she can have a good chuckle. I bundle up Alexis in her quilt and cradle her on a pillow as I carry her downstairs. She seems content. What a diva. I got going at 0710 and quickly found that traffic this morning was a bit more congested than expected. When I got onto to the turnpike, I found that some of the toll gates were closed, further complicating things. Stupid strike. I was going down to onramp to get into traffic when a semi truck went blasting down the left most lane. This always tweaks me. There are signs every quarter mile on overpasses and on the shoulder specifically stating that trucks and busses are prohibited in this lane. When I passed him before the 309/Fort Washington interchange, I noticed that there was an email address on the truck as well as phone numbers and the company name. On a lark, I wrote it down in my PDA. I got to work at about 0755 and did some of my morning routine. I was going to write down my arrival time and activities in the PDA for use in my timesheet when I noticed that snippet of info that I wrote down in 'displeasure'. What the heck, I'll send off an email and see what happens.

This morning at 0725, one of your trucks was using the left most lane on the PA Turnpike between Rt 1 and Rt 309. This lane is restricted and has signs posted frequently indicating that trucks are specifically prohibited. The license plate on the trailer was NY AJ96224. Please inform the driver that respect of local regulations and his fellow motorists is important when driving a large advertisement for the company he is representing.
Respectfully – MDMHVONPA

Within 30 minutes, I get this:

Thanks for taking the time to advise us of this situation. We will certainly follow up and take the necessary steps to correct this.
Once again thank you.

511 Barry Street
Bronx, NY 10474
Direct Tel.: 718-304-4503
Direct Fax: 718-304-4579
Email: XXXXXX@baldorfood.com
Website: www.baldorfood.com

And then this within minutes:

Good morning Mr MDMHVONPA,

I appreciate you taking the time to email us regarding this situation. Rest assured the driver has been identified and will be warned upon his return today that continuing to drive illegally will lead to further discipline, suspension, etc.. It is not our policy to violate any laws and we apologize if it caused any inconvenience to you or other motorists.

Thank you
Steve XXXX
Transportation Manager

I think I just ruined someone's day.


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