White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Funday

Sunday, November 07, 2004



Cop-out short-cut synopsis-bullet list for Sunday:

Up early (too early) ... The Mrs had come to bed late (again) because she was working on the PC from hell.
Played with kids for some time, let them muck about in kitchen
Pack up and go to food show
When we got there, it was a long walk from parking lot to bldg - The lot was up the side of a hill and seemingly in different time zone.
Looked at Granite/Corian counter tops and some really nice gas stoves.
Found that Jacob likes honey energy bar - ate so much if it he kinda freaked out like on someone had fed him a lsd and crack bar.
Go to Alton show, line was out the door but we got to the front of line ... because of the double-long stroller of doom + 3
The Wife got our well used AB books signed right away by the Man himself when he came out to greet the crowd ... sweet.
Fun show ... all about making beef jerky with furnace filters, bungie cords and a box fan. I love that guy.
Seliga's arrived shortly thereafter, we met over in the wine section (hic!)
We tooled around while the Seliga's were in the 3:45 showing.
The Wife got in line for book signing #2 - 10th in line
Alexis falls asleep in the stroller, all fidgeted out
I bought 5 energy bars for Jake, just so I could see his eyes bug out when he saw them.
After the book signing, we went out to nice Italian restaurant: expensive, but good
Jacob passes out on way home, put him right to bed
Play with Alexis for a while and then bathe her, bed.
I could not fall asleep, up till 0200 for no good reason


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