White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Frolic on Friday

Friday, November 19, 2004


Frolic on Friday

Ahhhh, yes. It's the end of the week. Today is going to be particularly useless too. We will be moving into a new office building over the weekend and I suspect that much of today's efforts will be taken up by pre-move activities. Boxes in the hall-ways, people carting out their personal belongings, Coffee supplies have been cut off. Urk, no coffee. Good thing I gave that up earlier this week. I have been sleeping much better because of my stimulant curtailment. I even managed to remember a snippet of a dream from last night's rem cycle. Something about one of my teeth falling out. When I looked at it, it was a molar with some sort of grayish white filling where there was a cavity. It was hollowed out and some brown detritus tumbled out of the bottom. Disturbing. Made me brush my teeth a little longer this morning. I woke up a bit later than normal, and had to skip shaving to save a few minutes. Used that time flossing twice. I let the hounds out to wreak their usual mischief on my turf and got their food ready. A little change in schedule is in the works these days. I stay in the kennel room and watch them eat. When Thor the Mastodon finishes, I don't let him bully Katie out of the remainder of her food. He has been getting too much food and tossing it up because he is bloated after drinking a full bowl of water. I do not enjoy cleaning up that kind of mess. So there I stand, eye to eye with Thor while Katie takes her time in polishing off her only meal of the day. Once that is over, I prep the fireplace and head upstairs. Time to take care of the tyrannical twins. Much to my delight, the kids were pretty well behaved too. No howling or complaining. I gave them their bottles and started to change them into their clothes for the day. The Mrs came out of the bathroom after I had finished up with Jacob the Joker so I let her take care of Alexis. By the time I was finished, it looked like everyone was gone from the master suite. I went over to turn off television that was playing the same episode of Bear in the Big Blue House for the zillionth time in a row. Just then, the Mrs came into the room and asked why I turned it off. Well, because there is nobody here. She then pointed out a tiny little face peeping from beneath the quilt in the middle of the bed. Alexis was quietly observing the events and looked up at me with her big brown eyes. Well, jeeze. Why didn't you say something! She almost never sits there quietly after her morning milk. After a few moments, she became herself and slid out of the bed. She darted back and forth between me and the door, insisting that I come downstairs with her with her backward hand wave. That's my girl. When we got downstairs, Jacob was busy eating his Super High-On-Crack +3 Energy BumbleBars of Doom. He should be a handful for the day-care professionals today. Dinner tonight should be fun since we are down to the last of the broccoli soup. I'll make more, but with carrots in the mix this time. Hope he likes it or I will be eating a lot of the stuff for lunches.

In other news ... my eye has been hurting for no good reason lately. Optical Neuritis on the prowl again? More fun and games from my old buddy. Grrr. Perhaps I've been staring at the monitor too much. Speaking of staring, I just noticed that I broke 3000 visits. Thank you all for your patronage and tolerance! Hope I can be more entertaining as the Holiday Season of Cheer and Unintended Consequences progresses.


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